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Would you be a child again?

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A while ago a friend mentioned to me that he would love to be a child again, because he remembered just playing and playing all day long, completely carefree. I had never thought about it before but was immediately struck by the opposite reaction, that I would never want to be a child again.

I had a perfectly fine childhood, great by a lot of standards. No major traumas of any kind. But when I think back on being a kid, the main thing I remember is feeling confused and powerless a lot of the time. Again, not because of anything especially horrible, just the normal things kids do--I felt like adults (parents/teachers/sitters/etc.) were always saying, "Go here, do this," and I never had any say in the matter or understood why we had to do those things. School was alright, I did well in it, but I found it rather boring, and at the same time occasionally stressful because I was under a lot of pressure to get straight A's; I had friends and they were fine, but it was a small school and my friends were more like, "the least not-compatible kids" rather than the "kids I have the most in common with."

Okay, now I sound like a total whiner. :) But I was just curious what other people thought about that idea--if you could be a child again, would you?

ETA: This was in the 1980s and early '90s, for reference.

I would if I could carry the wisdom and self confidence I have now, back into my childhood.

Otherwise, no.

If I could have the brain with all the knowledge I have now, yes, I would go back and start from childhood again.

While I would give almost anything to see my parents again, and a day without all my responsibilities would be wonderful, it would require me to give up the one thing I wouldn't forfeit even to see them again.  The family I have created.  I wouldn't give up my husband or my kids for anything (except to save them) and I know my parents wouldn't want me to, so I guess my answer is no, I wouldn't want to be a kid again.  Unless I could be a kid again for like a day, then go back to me present life.  I also don't think I would go back and share any knowledge from now with my past self unless I knew I would still end up where I am now, just maybe a little better off, like still have my parents.  Okay, I'm rambling now.  Sorry.

I am so excited about my life right now, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I would really love to see some deceased loved ones again though, so I guess it's kind of a toss up for me.

So basically what Jules just said. I would do it for a day to see my loved ones again, but I want to get back where I am now.


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