• April 26, 2018, 01:04:58 PM

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Author Topic: Farewell after seven years' service - no card, no gift, and no speech for you!  (Read 24408 times)

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I do agree that having only a few days (Monday to Thursday) to get a more formal party organized may not have been enough time.  Whatever the reason, it is still hurtful, especially when it seems you were the only person to be slighted.  I do agree that he made the right decision by not saying anything.  If he did say anything, most likely it would not have accomplished anything and made him look petty and there is nothing that could have been done.  Best to wash his hands of the old place and start fresh in the new job.

I am not sure...we had a not well liked coworker get laid off and even the boss went out at lunch and got a cake  and at least had a 2:00 coffee/cake "party" for him.


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I think the situation sucks, and what sucks even more is that he can't really do anything to retaliate or even mention it without seeming petty.

For perspective, where I work it doesn't matter how long you have been here, no card or party for you right now... layoffs are happening.  You meet with management and have to leave, then come back after hours for your personal things.  Sucks.


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You meet with management and have to leave, then come back after hours for your personal things. 

I’ve heard of this in cases of a layoff or firing (not a transfer or voluntary quit).  Guess they’re trying to prevent a scene (crying, angry outbursts) and other employees staring and whispering when they see someone unexpectedly clearing out their desk.  The thinking is that it disrupts the work flow.

However, I remember a case when a person (not well liked, and chronically filed grievances) was 'laid off' and given a lunch and "Thanks for all your hard work" speech.  Odd.


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In a social sense, this would be the equivalent of demanding someone tell you that they love you. Even if they comply, it won't feel satisfactory.

I agree with this.

And it still hurts--I don't discount this at all.

I put in 12 years, some of them really demanding years--at my old job. When everything got bad, I started looking for a new one.

And had some fantasies about the going-away party, bcs people threw a party, took up collections to give gifts, etc.

But I got laid off before I could find a new job, and there that all went.

I got severance instead, I guess. But i'm still a little disappointed on missing out on all the gestures of appreciation, both intangible and, yes, tangible.