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Easter Dessert ideas

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Hi, All,

Need some inspiration for dessert ideas for Easter lunch.

I had planned on making a Tres Leches cake with strawberries but it's no longer sounding good.  These are the other ideas that have been nixed by me or a family member.
-Strawberry shortcake
-Any type of carrot cake, hummingbird cake, pecan cake (nut alergy)
-Lemon cake
-No chocolate

I saw a recipe for a bannana pudding cheesecake that sounded interesting. Has anyone ever tried one?

What are ou planning for Easter?

Orange cake
Key lime cake (Vanilla cake with key lime pie filling, topped with freshly whipped cream)
I made a pina colada cake for my MIL's birthday (coconut cake with coconut and pineapple whipped cream)
Vanilla cake with raspberry buttercream or raspberry sauce
Cheesecake ( I make a marble one)
Lemon bars

Does it have to be homemade? I'm having a friend over for brunch, and she's bringing dessert. My only request was no nuts since I don't care for them...and she's going to a really yummy Italian bakery, so will probably bring an assortment of pastries. Coudl you do something like that?

I bought a key lime pie and I may go for dessert first.  Sams had these awesome looking Italian cream cakes.  I have never heard of it so I passed. 

Thanks for the suggestions. Going with key lime pie and a piņa colada cake.


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