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To be honest or keep my mouth shut (***Suicide mentioned****)

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We have had a spate of sudden deaths in the last few years so we should be used to it unfortunately.  She is moving out of the 'what could I have done' phase into the 'what was he thinking" phase and she is working with her therapist because each day is a different emotion for a different person.  The boys father has been a real comfort to her too.

That's very sad...You  and your daughter are in my thoughts :(

I think the anger phase can be very therapeutic.  A very good friend of mine lost her dad and her husband on the same day.  Her dad died of a heart attack and her husband committed suicide.  When she got to the point where she could really start dealing with her grief, getting mad did a lot of good for her.  That might not be true for everyone, of course.

OP - you're supporting and helping your daughter really well, and she's lucky to have you.


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