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To be honest or keep my mouth shut (***Suicide mentioned****)

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--- Quote from: JenJay on March 29, 2013, 04:43:27 PM ---At 17, I would say "Hon unfortunately I know how your friend died, as my friend owns the property where he was found. Neither of us realized this was your friend when she was telling me but I've put two and two together. I wasn't going to bring it up but I've heard some rumors that are untrue. If you want to know what really happened I'm here for you and we can talk about it."

I'm so sorry for the loss of this young man. Big hugs to you all.

--- End quote ---

I like this reply.

 :(  How awful.  Hugs to friends and family of that poor young man.

I'm not sure it is inevitable she will learn the truth because there is gossip, and versions of the story circulating.  I think that I would tell her you have learned what happened and will answer questions if she has them but also reassure her that it is all right if she does not take an interest in the details.

JenJay...that is awesome.  Before I knew that the body found was the boy, I did tell her to watch because when people commit suicide, rumors fly faster than anything.  I told her the only people who know the truth will be the family and she should not repeat anything she hears to them.  I think she would be comforted that everything was done at the scene so respectfully...the detective knelt down to him, put a hand on his shoulder  and said "Godspeed ____, may you find the peace that you needed." and that others there were bowing their heads. 

And Sharnita...she wants to know...but she doesn't want to know.  And because I know, it is keeping me awake and because she battles the same mental health issues as this boy I am scared for her.

Be there, as a supportive mom and a shoulder to cry on. Let her come to you if she wants to know more. I am sorry for your daughter and communities loss.

Offer to write it down for her and she can choose to read it if/when she is ready? I have a 12yo DD and she's written me notes about things she wasn't ready to discuss face to face. Unless of course you're concerned she'd read it all alone and not be able to handle the details. I imagine once the rumors settle and she's had time to process this she'll be more likely to come to you and need to talk.


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