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Could I please not deal with your secretary again?

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Church secretaries should be Secretaries first and Church second.  A church secretary has no right to question the depth of your faith.  Even the pastor would be on shaky ground there. 

The job of a secretary is to get the paper-work done.  If that can't be done in a timely and efficient manner, the secretary is not doing his or her job properly. 

Go to the pastor and voice your concerns. 

First you should go to the higher ups and say there was a miscommunication error. Afterwards you bring up that their secretary questioned your faith. Start with the practical then move onto the actually rude moment and you should be able to get your words across.


You've already spoken with the higher-up, right? So I'd approach it with the attitude that that's who you're working with now. When you call or go in just say "Good morning. I'm here to see/make an appointment with X, please."

As far as speaking to X I'd keep it factual - what you want, what do you need to do to prepare, etc. I wouldn't bring the secretary up at all. If you're asked why you aren't arranging things through her you can be honest without it sounding gossipy, just lay out the facts. I'd certainly mention that she doubted your commitment to your faith - that's insulting!

I agree, go directly to the pastor. He will surely want to know if this person has taken it upon herself to be the church FaithOMeter. You can describe the paperwork issue as a " miscommunication" , but be clear that the religion comments make you feel uncomfortable about letting her handle further paperwork issues.

Many churches have a committee that is in charge of the staff and it's hiring and firing.  They also set salaries.  You may wish to discuss this with the chair of that committee.


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