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Tosha Go:
I haven't been around in a while but maybe you remember.

I had this thread about a year and a half ago

We moved into a brand new neighborhood and from the beginning all one of our neighbors could talk about was getting a fence.  In 2011 my husband & I were going through some financial and health problems so it wasn't high on our list of priorities, but they were really pushing us to an obnoxious point. To bring you up to date, summer was over fall came, they weren't really around for several months, summer of 2012 we barely saw them.  They mentioned the fence once and we were like, ok ready when you are and never heard from them.  This will probably be the year we complete this, even if it means taking a loan out to do so.  The husband is cordial with us but anytime we see the wife, she is standoffish or flat out ignores us.

I'll admit, we are clutterbugs and have radio flyer style wagon that has been in our backyard all winter, which we couldn't fit into our garage.  It is well within our property line.

So today I am off from work and bringing my daughter to a birthday party when we are out front loading in to our car.
Wife, grandmother & kids are outside as well.  I see grandmother she says hello to me, the wife comes out and approaches me.

She asks me if I am still using the wagon.  She didn't know the exact name of it, but after a few minutes I knew what she was talking about.  I said, yes, we are still using it.
She then said, well, why didn't you put it away during the winter?
I muttered something about not having enough room for it and got out of there.

The conversation baffled me.  She doesn't speak English well so I couldn't figure out by the tone what her intentions were in the conversation.  After being shunned she suddenly starts asking about things that quite frankly aren't her business.

What do you think?

I only read your original post in the other thread, no responses.

I think your neighbors are trying to bully you.  The wagon is none of their business.  I think it calls for a quick, "Thanks for your concern, my kids love it!"

I am not aware of any place that can FORCE you to get and pay for a fence.

Sounds like either she wants it or wants you to get rid of it.

Tosha Go:

--- Quote from: jayhawk on March 29, 2013, 06:00:47 PM ---Sounds like either she wants it or wants you to get rid of it.

--- End quote ---

My first thought was that she wanted it, but when she followed up with 'why did you leave it out all winter' kinda threw me, it took me a minute to figure out why it was any of her business.

This isn't the first time they've commented on our property - we have an 18 year old vehicle we used to park in the front of the house (older car, but not an eyesore by any means, it doesn't have any body damage) and the husband once hinted at my husband that it was an eyesore.

Maybe she thinks if she embarrasses you about the state of your back yard then you'll put up their danged fence?  ::)


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