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Museum etiquette - keep up or fall behind?

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I'm with siamesecat....when I go to art museums with my parents, they're much faster than me - I read everything.  So they just wait at various spots along the way for me to catch up - sometimes my mom will come back to me and say "We're done and will be sitting over there....don't rush.  We're fine."  No one gets upset with anyone else.

Actually, I think it's pretty rude of somebody to get upset with somebody else without any attempt at communication.  If DH really wanted to hurry you along, then he should have quietly discussed it with you and come to a mutually acceptable solution. Otherwise, he was the one that was rude for expecting you to read his mind. 

I think that you should look at the art at your own pace.  It's good to discuss it ahead of time and agree on a meet-up place/time though.  I hate going slower than my usual pace OR faster!

Green Bean:
I think this is one of those situations where a little communication goes a long way. If you know you're likely to take a while, give them a heads up. If you like to move at a faster pace, maybe plan to break up and meet up later. And be the driver.

Quite a few years back, I was at a large museum for a special exhibit with several family members. We had all ridden together. Two of us took our time while the other two moved at a much faster pace. They didn't think anyone could possibly take as long as we were and assumed we went to another exhibit. So they left. Yes, drove away. Don't do that to people.  >:(

My husband also reads everything and takes his time in museums--I'm much faster and I can't stand in one place for long.  We just have a set meeting time and place and go at our own speed.  I've usually seen all the exhibits, bought something in the museum shop and taken a nap on a bench before he and our friends are done--I just make sure everyone understands ahead of time.  I think your husband should have come back and said something to you, if this was the first time he has seen you in "museum-mode'; if not, he should have figured it out by now?!?


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