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 Tell her you get a notification that she has posted pictures and you don't need to be tagged in them to see them and that the you are tagged and comment notifications are flooding your e-mail and notifications.

The only time I tag someone who is not in the pictures is when I post pictures of the kids in the family. The parents decided they don't mind us all posting pic - they just want to be tagged so they know about it.

I had a similar problem several months ago, and IIRC there was an option to hide (not block) the person's posts.  I just hovered the mouse over their name and clicked hide.  You could also 'unhide' if you changed your mind later.

Perhaps the first thing you should do is to ask her nicely not to include you in tagged posts.  Demand implies that you would approach her in a less than friendly manner and I think would just upset everyone.  This might be one of those times where you write the email and sleep on it before you send. 

Another thing you could do is to find out if some of the others who are at a similar distance from your cousin (relationship-wise, not geographically!) also find the tagging irritating.  If they do, you could put your carefully crafted polite request to stop tagging on her wall so everyone else can see it, and if they are watching for it, the others who are also irritated by it can post to say me too, me too.  If enough join in she ought to get the message.

The final option if nothing else works is to block her for the time being and as she probably won't know you have, don't worry about it.

If you point to a person's name without clicking, a box will pop up with a FRIEND button. Point to that button and click on SETTINGS. You can turn off COMMENTS & LIKES, GAMES, or anything else you don't want to see on your feed. I've done this with every friend I have, except a very few. It really cuts down on the junk I don't want to see.


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