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Hotels in Rome.

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We'll be visiting Rome in the fall and, since we received such good advice about London at Halloween, thought it a good idea to send out a feeler about hotels in Rome.

Last time, we stayed at 'Sweet Dreams', a small hotel near Termine.  It was comfortable, quiet, and the rate included a lovely breakfast.  We'd happily stay there again but would prefer to find a place near the Pantheon this time.

We know that, like all major cities, hotels in Rome will not be cheap.  'Reasonable' will be relative.  We prefer small hotels to large, international chains.  'Sweet Dreams' was a single floor in a multi-storied building. 

Does anyone have any ideas?

Library Dragon:
No first hand knowledge in this area.  One of my favorite research tools is Venere.com. The reviews are very helpful.

Check directly with the hotel though.  I stumbled on a special once of 80 euros a night for a room that is usually 300. 

Curious Cat:
I stayed here with my family a number of years ago.  http://www.romehotelnord.it/en/location  Looking at their website it seems they have had quite a facelift/aren't quite as modest as when we stayed.  The location was superb and very convenient for walking to all of the attractions.

Warning: avoid this place if you can!

We travel on Marriott points and went to Rome last year.  Staying in the city itself was more than we could afford but we were able to use M points to book a balcony room overlooking the Vatican at the Courtyard by Marriott Rome Central Park.

That all sounds nice, however, it wasn't ideal as it was about a 20 minute train ride out of the city.  There was also a hospital nearby and the ambulance sirens in Rome are LOUD.  We were woken up several times during the night by ambulances and you had to pause your conversation until after they had passed.  The hotel also could not give us the room we reserved (queen bed with a balcony overlooking the Vatican in the distance) and for the first night we were in separate smaller beds.  They switched us the next day after a lengthy wait in line (short-staffed).

There was nothing to see near our hotel and the only nice meal we had there was at the most expensive steakhouse in the area. 

This was a major trip for us and now I wished we'd spent more points/cash to stay closer in to the city.

Oh well - live and learn!

And good luck to you on your vacation/holiday!!   :D

Try the Hotel Raffaello very near Termini and a good value.  The rate with breakfast included in high season is between 170-190 euros per night

Hotel Raffaello - Roma
Via Urbana, 3/5  (Roma)
Tel.: +39 06 4884342
Fax.: +39 06 4744905
E-mail: info@hotelraffaello.it


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