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Cheapskate stories

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I swear this feels like the perfect placement for some Cliff Clavin "wisdom" but for the life of me I can't think of anything.  Though someone did share recently on fbook Cliff's logic for why some people feel smarter after having a few beers.

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"Due to the shape of the North American elk's esophagus, even if it could speak, it could not pronounce the word lasagna."

Sorry , but someone had to do it ....

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And I read that in Cliff Clavin's voice. :)

whew. just go to the end. I don't remember if i submitted these stories about Ex husband but here goes:

*When we traveled we stayed at a certain hotel chain where ex had the highest level and so we always got free upgrades etc. This usually included business lounge acess which usually served breakfast, all day hot beverages and cookies/fruit, and a "happy hour".  now happy hour was not a meal, unless your name is Mr. Cicero's-Ex. Happy hour was limited soft drinks, maybe wine (i really dont' remember) and a few snacks (finger foods). yup - we all had to be there to get our one drink even if we didn't want it, and eat the little snacks because "that was dinner". "who needs to eat after *all that food*?" seriously, a bite sized round of bread with a smidgeon of smoked salmon isn't dinner.

*he traveled a lot "for business" (what business that was is anyone's guesss but it kept him very busy). he was very cheap in gift buying. so he would usually end up bringing me back whatever "special" was sold on the plane - junky earrings or watches usually. one time he brought me back something really nice - not my taste or style but very very chic and expensive (a designer item). i was surprised but pleased. until... one day we had a guest for lunch and they two guys were comparing airline stories - you know, "how i got the airline to upgrade/give me more/reimburse me " etc. so he tells this story about how on one flight the entertainment system didn't work on their section so the entire section got a 100$ voucher to buy anything on their in flight duty free shop, and then he turns to me and says "and that's how you got that scarf and pin" thinking i would be pleased. my face must have shown my shock so he tried to back track and said "oh but of course i had to add more money to it" which i knew was a lie.

*when we got drinks at a fast food place he tried to make us get them without ice because you get more drink without the ice. but we like our ice and were willing to drink less ::)

*as i said, he traveled a lot "for business". one year we were having a family celebration and i wanted to go, he wasn't go to go but he didn't want me to go either "because we don't have any money". i finally got him to agree but he told me that i could only spend X $, no more. (I don't remember how much but it wasn't a lot of money). I scrimped on everything - lugged bottles of water, bought 1 dollar coffee/bagel combos from the pushcarts, etc. when he came back from his next trip, i happened to see some of his bills and reciepts - take out food, his hotel bill that included mini bar junk like macademia nuts, car rental etc.

there are more, lots more.


--- Quote from: snowfire on April 26, 2014, 08:41:47 PM ---A certain relative used to try to go to the bathroom at work only, not at home, so that it was not his TP or water being used......

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When I still lived with relatives, we had a neighbor that came over every morning to visit - but first had to use the bathroom.  Then she would brag that she had not bought t.paper in years & that one roll lasted her for months.   

My entire extended family lives on the east coast, so we don't see them very often and are not very close. My one uncle, married with two kids is the wealthiest person in the family. He and his wife both have high paying jobs but he is by far the cheapest person I've dealt with. When they come to the west coast they always stay with my family in our small house, never bring anything, pay for anything. One time my uncle offered to take my dad out for a beer to "thank him" for the free accommodation and when the bill came? He paid for his own drink and went to the bathroom.
But the worst they did is this past summer he and his family were traveling near where my sister lives and said they wanted to stay with her and her boyfriend in their small two bedroom, one bathroom apartment. My sister said it would probably be too crowded but they wouldn't take no for an answer. They insisted that they missed her and she was "faaaamily" so they would stay with her.
They stayed four days, the night that they offered to buy pizza, my uncle asked for the cheapest pizza place and refused to buy more than two small pizzas, so everyone got one slice and a half. Then the day they left he told my sister he "left a present" for her in the kitchen, which surprised her, until she arrived back from dropping them at the airport and found a pile of local maps and tourist information that he "gave her" instead of throwing away. She has never received a thank you note or call since they stayed.

I made it! It's taken me three days (on and off) to get from start to end but I did it!

It's quite funny encountering posts from what is now the halfway point or before going "Finished!" while I'm going "I've still got 40 pages!"

Still, at least now I'll get the updates.


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