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Cheapskate stories

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I spotted some cheapskatey behavior from a relative recently.  It's also a bit brain hurty.

Relative had to pay a water bill.  It had been left too late to do via mail so the options were:

*to go to city hall to pay it

*to go to one of our currency exchanges (you can pay a variety of bills there)

*pay it online

The currency exchange and online options included a $2 convenience fee.  Relative ranted and raved about how stupid it was and they were not going to pay a penny more than what was owed.

Finally, another relative pointed out that $2 was less than round trip train fare and they could take care of the chore in 5 minutes, versus having to go out, stand in line and come back.

Suddenly, the $2 fee looked a lot better, LOL 

I was reminded of this thread when I watched a sketch from the Carol Burnett Show today, the "No Frills" sketch where a guy (Tim Conway) starts off boasting about how he's saving all this money by sitting in the no frills section, only to be ignored or treated like carp by the stewardess (Carol), there's no glass on the window, he's the only one that feels turbulence and when he says he's getting off in Chicago they throw him off the plane! LOL!

Here's a cheapskate event that backfired on the cheapskate.

I just traveled this past few days with my moocher friend Kay.  Things have gotten a lot better with her thanks to advice from E-Hellions here and reading about Roe's tactics with K'innihave.  Now that the Bank of Dolly is closed there are far fewer mooching episodes.  Now on to the story...

At dinner one night there were 5 of us and we all asked for separate checks.  I ordered my entree and a side of guacamole.

Kay: (in a condescending tone) Are you going to shaaaaare that with the rest of the table? (referring to the guacamole)

Me:  No.  I ordered it as a side for my meal.

Kay:  (haughtily) Fine.  I'll order some but IIIII will Shaaaaaare it with everyone.

When her entree came it had guacamole included and there was also the extra one she ordered.  No one else at the table wanted any.  So she wound up wasting (and paying for) an order of guacamole that no one ate.


--- Quote from: baglady on April 01, 2013, 05:36:40 PM ---On that show "Extreme Cheapskates" there was a family that didn't use TP at all. They used cloth rags that got washed and reused. Part of me says that the average cloth diaper contains a higher volume of ... well, you know, and people used those for eons before Pampers were invented, and some families still do, for ecological reasons, so what's the big deal?

But another, larger part of me just says, "Ewwww!"

--- End quote ---
My mother grew up with an outhouse. They used the Sears catalog.  ;D

My son just graduated from college and my SIL flew down to Phoenix to see him using a cut-rate airline that only flies on Tuesdays and Fridays. My son's ceremony was on Friday, so SIL missed it and let everyone know she was upset about missing it. Ms. Chip took the opportunity to point out that SIL would be missing the graduation specifically because of the airline she chose and, given that, the flight wasn't such a bargain after all. SIL hemmed a bit, but wouldn't agree she didn't buy what she wanted versus what was cheapest.

But I had a side conversation with her. She said the flight was cheap enough that she could use that airline to fly down and see us more often. We live about 200 miles from Phoenix, so it's a 3 to 3 1/2 hour one-way drive there. I pointed that out; SIL said she'd pay for gas. I said, "Still ain't happening," so SIL went for an overrule by Ms. Chip. Ms. Chip's response?  "You can rent a car or fly to Tucson."


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