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Cheapskate stories

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I remember an episode of Wife Swap where one family was completely obsessed with saving money. Okay, I can give them some credit for getting totally debt free including paying off the mortgage, but once you've paid off said mortgage, I think you could quit timing your kids showers and actually choose a restaurant for some other reason than "kids eat for free." I would have loved to make the mother estimate how much time she spent checking and then rebrushing and reflossing the kids teeth because they were so worried they might have to actually spend money getting a cavity filled. Haven't they heard of dental insurance?

Reviving this thread to share this gem:

I recently signed up for private lessons at a martial arts academy. It's something that's always interested me, and the private lessons fit best with my schedule as opposed to the group classes.  This school advertises a special in which someone who is paying for private lessons can "invite a friend" to join in those lessons for free.  The assumption, I suppose, is that the friends will settle splitting the fee between themselves.  As long as the martial arts school gets their money, they're happy.

I mentioned to a friend, Carrie, at a social gathering that I had started my lessons, and entertained her with the awkward incidents from my disastrous first session. (It was bad.  So very bad.  But I had fun.) Another woman, whom I barely know, piped up and said, "Oh! I have always wanted to take the private lessons there, but I can't afford it. The school has that "invite a friend" special. And now you can invite me to join your lessons for free!  I'm sure it wouldn't be any trouble."

There are a few problems with this:
1) Yes, it would be some trouble.  I don't want to take a class at a physical activity at which I am pretty terrible, with someone I barely know. Having the instructor see me stumble through is awkward enough.

2) Don't voluntell me to do something.

3) No. Just, no.

Carrie responded, "So you would split the cost of the lessons with Weeble?"

And the lady looked aghast and said, "Well, no. I told you.  I can't afford it.  And what's the sense in me paying when Weeble has already paid?"

"So what's in it for Weeble?  Other than not getting the instructor's full attention?"  Carrie asked.

The lady insisted that I still got the lessons, plus the feeling that I was helping someone.

I shook my head and said, "No, that won't be possible."

This lady simply could not believe that I didn't see the benefit helping this random stranger out by paying for her (not inexpensive) lessons. I was selfish and spoiled, she said, and she didn't want to spend time with selfish people.

Fine with me.  :P

The mind..it boggles sometimes

Weeble, your friend Carrie sounds great, though. She really had your back there.


--- Quote from: Tini on June 29, 2013, 12:52:28 PM ---Weeble, your friend Carrie sounds great, though. She really had your back there.

--- End quote ---

She's my former college roommate and one of my best friends.  We both struggled with establishing our spines, but now, when we sense people who want to take advantage, we brook no nonsense. :)


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