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If you are asked to bring a side to a family get together..who's responsibility is it to clean the dishes of said dish? I brought buns that were cooked over at family's house and they were sent back home with me to wash..she was washing her own dishes..But just put my pans in a bag when it was time to go for me to clean at home..When I asked she said "Oh you can clean them at home"

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It could go either way.with me.  Some people are particular about how they clean their stuff. I personally as a hosts will ask if I can wash it for them.


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Very eloquently put!

I've taken home dishes dirty before, but only when I've offered because I want to leave and dishes haven't been washed yet, or there's pretty baked on mess that requires soaking.

Usually dishes would be washed with the others before taking them home.

Curious Cat:
For something like bread or buns I would expect to clean it myself at home.  For something greasy I would expect to clean it myself at the host house.  I don't know that I have ever expected someone else to wash my dishes. Frankly, I would feel horrible that I made more work for the host.


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