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I dislike taking a dirty dish home with me--especially if it was a messy dessert, like trifle or something, then it will get me messy on the way back. I've always asked if I can wash it (and often I'll offer to wash other dishes while I'm at it) while I'm at the host's house, once the food on it is finished. I make sure the kitchen is left the way I found it, also.

If someone won't let me even rinse a dish at their house, then I'd decide that it's not worth the trouble to bring a dish again, or I'd bring a tacky but disposable plastic/paper one. If that means the host won't want me attending (e.g. it has to be a proper plate, or, you have to bring an item to be allowed to attend), then so be it. They have the right not to want me to turn on the tap in their kitchen, but I equally have the right not to get custard on my nicest dress.

I wouldn't want to put dirty dishes in the car in most cases.  I think that unless the owner says "Oh, I'll just wash those at home" the dishes should be washed there.

If I host, I just put evereything in the dishwasher, unless the persin specifically said something, I'd never end home a dirty dish.


--- Quote from: Zilla on March 31, 2013, 05:07:37 PM ---It could go either way.with me.  Some people are particular about how they clean their stuff. I personally as a hosts will ask if I can wash it for them.

--- End quote ---


I have some serving dishes that I never put into the dishwasher.

Same for sbaking pans.  Aluminum baking pans can be damaged by dishwasher detergent, and all of my cake pans are aluminum.

I intervene on behalf of my dishes.

And I don't make assumptions about other people's dishes and pans. I ask.

It depends, for me, on a couple of factors -
Are there any leftovers?  Does the bringer wish to take them home or leave them?
How soon will we see each other again? Do they want to take their dish now, or get it from me later?

I don't do dishes while I have guests - I socialize with my guests and clean the kitchen later, unless it is my immediate family.

If the dish is still in the kitchen when I'm cleaning up- or if they leave leftovers, then I return the clean dish later.  If they want to take the dish home that night, they take it dirty.

Of course, if anyone asked I would be happy to wash it for them, but I have never had that happen.  After all, if guests are bringing dishes I am not really a "hostess" in the fullest sense - it is a co-operative party which is at my house.


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