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5 year old birthday party

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For my son's 5 year old party, I did a "make your own pizza" as an activity. Each child got an english muffin and I had different sauce, toppings and cheese. Each child got to make their own pizza and it was a big hit.

So far we are having about 12 kids and 18 adults..and not all the RSVPs are in..I will have to check out big lots and the dollar store for some the ideas! Thank you ladies..We are on a budget for the party so we are trying to make it special:)


--- Quote from: LilacGirl1983 on March 31, 2013, 04:54:05 PM ---Any one have ideas for the goodie bags?

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Take the stuff back and do not do goodie bags ... see

--- Quote from: LilacGirl1983 on March 31, 2013, 04:54:05 PM ---How much pizza should I get? Its a take an bake place
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In my experience, that's not only expensive but labor-intensive. Ordering delivery might actually be less expensive and you won't have to heat it yourself. You don't want to miss the party because you're in the kitchen ... BE THERE for your daughter's party.

--- Quote from: LilacGirl1983 on March 31, 2013, 04:54:05 PM ---Will 1/2 sheet of cake be enough?

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They say that size will feed 18-40 depending on how you cut it. The little darlings will be more manageable without quite so much sugar, so small pieces will be fine (and you'll have less cake smeared all over your house).

--- Quote from: LilacGirl1983 on March 31, 2013, 04:54:05 PM ---Ideas for activities?
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None. Let 'em play. They're excited and sugared-up ... they won't like being herded around to do THIS and then THIS.

--- Quote from: LilacGirl1983 on March 31, 2013, 04:54:05 PM ---Decoration ideas? I was thinking streamers and we have a table cloth and some center pieces.

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That's more than enough ... maybe some themed paper plates?

Remember to get enough trash bags.


I've never hosted a party for the wee ones, so I'm going mostly on memory and guesswork.

Goodie bags:
- wands and tiaras/bracelets
- stickers (borrowed from someone else)
- pixie dust (soap confetti? glitter?)

- decorate your own crown (make paper crowns ahead of time and have markers, stickers, etc)

- Balloons and streamers
- Little fairies hanging from the ceiling if you have the time to make them
- fairy jars (jar, glow stick, glitter)?


I'd plan on one small piece of cake for each kid, one larger one for each adult, and about 10% over-run (to cover dropped pieces, etc).

For pizza - maybe two slices per child, three per adult. Hand the pieces out, so you don't have kids grabbing four pieces they won't eat. If they're still hungry after two pieces, they can eat chips.

I second the idea of ordering in pizza. 18 adults and 12 kids at 3 and 2 pieces, and 8 pieces per pizza is 10 pizzas. Assuming one pizza on each rack, two racks, and 25 minutes per pizza, that's going to take  2 hours to bake the pizzas. So either most people eat cold pizza, or you have to dole it out over 2 hours by group, as the hungry people watch on. To be safe, phone the delivery place, and ask how far in advance you have to order to get the pizzas at the time you want.


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