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April Fool 2013 - post what you find here

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I opened my inbox today and found that my usability guru, Jaklob Nielson, had sent me an article on website usability for cats. http://www.nngroup.com/articles/mobile-usability-cats/

XKCD.com made me wait until the comic actually appeared. He did get me, I refreshed the page once. But then I waited. After all, it's XKCD, there's going to be a trick, right?

What have you found today that made you smile?

George Takei announced that he would be starring in the new star wars movie as Master Ceti Maru. Star trek fans might get the reference.

Google has launched Google Nose, that allows you to sniff scents through your computer.

Virgin Atlantic have a glass bottomed plane for scenic flights

Take the Little Red scenic service to Aberdeen introducing the world's first glass bottom plane! http://virg.co/scenic

You-tube has announced that it's shutting down to choose the world's best video.  The 'Onion' was involved which was a dead give-away. 

GMA had a story on the decoding of gorilla language. 

Does anyone know what the BBC is doing for April Fool's Day?  The Swiss spaghetti harvest is my pick for best AFD joke of all time. 


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