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April Fool 2013 - post what you find here

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Didn't watch BBC so afraid I can't tell you.

BMW took out an ad about a  pram they were (supposedly) making which was in Princess Pink, or Royal Blue, suitable for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridges expected issue. Aparently it includes a holder for the Royal standard. Contact Jo King at BMW for further information.

Auntie Mame:
The Doctor Who FB Fan Page ran a story that they are retiring the blue police box for the TARDIS.   Hysteria ensued.

Lady Snowdon:
Can I post a personal one?  My teammates thought it was hysterical!  My workplace is pretty casual in dress - we mostly wear jeans and t-shirts, but are expected to move up to business casual if we have clients in the office.  Usually an email is sent out a few days before to announce a visitor, but on occasion emails have gone out last minute.  A friend of mine from a previous team I worked on texted me really early on Monday to tell me that an email had gone out to everyone the previous Friday saying it was business casual for Monday.  He made it sound really good - just wanted to let me know, knows I work on a more high profile floor, etc.  I freak out, pull out some of my nice clothes, hurriedly change - I show up in business casual Monday morning...and it was all a fake!  :P  I was dressed really nicely too, so I totally stuck out for the entire day.  Like I said, my whole team thought it was a fantastic joke. 


--- Quote from: Auntie Mame on April 03, 2013, 02:38:11 PM ---The Doctor Who FB Fan Page ran a story that they are retiring the blue police box for the TARDIS.   Hysteria ensued.

--- End quote ---

Yeah but they posted it on the second. I was like... wait a minute... and I actually did a bit of digging and couldn't find it, and silently prayed it wasn't real. I even posted in the doctor who spoiler thread here to see if an ehellion could tell me anything!

HBO announced that Peter Dinklage was being replaced for the fourth season of Game of Thrones, which would include digitally transposing the new actor's face over Dinklage's in the first three seasons to maintain continuity.

The fan response was epic.



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