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The Facebook gift grab (or just another day online?)

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--- Quote from: Twik on April 01, 2013, 02:39:15 PM ---I think this is at least partially due to the fact that social media encourages people to document every little thing they experience. There isn't, as yet, any accepted guide (other than FB terms of service) about what to cover. So, if you're caught up in wedding stuff, you write endlessly about your wedding. I would not consider that a gift grab, unless large parts were devoted to what the BTB expected her readers to give her.

The idea of the open invitation is mindboggling, though. What if everyone decides to show up? Would she have room?

--- End quote ---

She might. It's my understanding that she recently moved to a large country property shared with another family, so if they clear some field space, I bet they could fit a few hundred, though probably not their 1,000 or so combined FB friends.

The registry isn't huge, but it has everything from groceries, to stuff for her job, to furniture on it. She complains very specifically and at length on FB about their money and health issues, so I'm guessing they can use all the help they can get (she is also running a fundraiser for her startup business via FB now.) I am not sure if all that is relevant to this thread, but it does paint a picture of how much I know about the life of someone I have met fewer than 10 times, always in a large     group.

Yvaine -- it was definitely her posting it. The language was unique and it didn't have any hallmarks of a sponsored post. I was hoping for that, too!

Whilst I dislike the idea of putting a registry on Facebook, I really don't think it is rude to post about your wedding on facebook. I might find the constant updates annoying, but I can easily adjust my settings so that I don't have to see it.


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