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Not rude, but baffling, behavior at work

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Two Ravens:
How putting makeup on in the car rude? It does not affect anyone else.

The toilet seat covers thing is rude. I've seen it a few times, where they will just leave it sitting there. I don't really understand why they can't push it in before flushing.

Make-up? I think women have been putting make up on in the car since the invention of the mirror on the visor. Nothing new or unusual there, and I can't see anything rude about it.

The music thing can be annoying but yeah, nowadays, pretty common.

As far as the slippers, I've only ever seen one person do it. A woman who formerly worked in my office would keep a pair at her desk and walk around in them at the office. I found rather peculiar as she wore her regular shoes to and from work and switched to slippers in the office. I thought she was doing it backwards! When I'm in the office is where I want to wear my cute shoes. I can see wearing some kind of flats or sneakers to and from the office if you're doing a lot of walking on rough surfaces and want to save your heals from getting worn out. I don't think what she did was rude but it sure wasn't the fashion statement I'd want to make at work.


--- Quote from: Two Ravens on April 02, 2013, 09:21:11 AM ---How putting makeup on in the car rude? It does not affect anyone else.

--- End quote ---

I said that *I* found it rude, because of what I have been taught (mom gave me the Miss Manners books when I was a teen) most of my life. In my previous post I said I wasn't sure that it was, now, rude, but still was baffling.

I've actually done the slippers thing at work. The strap on my shoe broke, and the only thing I had to wear instead was a pair of slippers in my car. So I shuffled around in slippers for the rest of the day.

I've also seen women who wear super high heels doing it on their way to and from work. They wear slippers or sneakers on their way in, then change into the heels when they get to the office.

I don't care if people put on makeup in their car as long as it's not while they're actually driving said car.  ;D

As for the shoes, I often walk to work, and even when I don't, I have a bit of a walk to the bus stop. If I'm wearing really dressy shoes, I'll often wear sneakers for the walk, both for comfort and to keep from damaging the shoes if there's mud/road salt/etc. They go in my tote bag once I get to work.


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