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Partial Cash Bar

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Yes, I see this done all the time as well.  Typically, one or two drink tickets accompany each ticket.


Yeah, this strikes me as pretty normal.  I've been to professional receptions where you get one drink ticket with admission, and anything else costs you, so if you have someone with you, you have to pay for them too.

If you're inviting a date, though, the polite thing would be to buy a drink for them, rather than exchanging your ticket for a drink while they dig out their money.

Totally normal - although, I've seen it even more restrictive where you have the tickets for drinks printed on the back of your badge/event ticket and have to have them stamped individually instead of giving a ticket (prevented people from giving their tickets away and one person getting hammered, or getting all the tickets for a large group and not distributing them - apparently has been an issue with this group in the past).

If it was a wedding, or a bar mitzvah, or something like that, it'd be a bit tacky. For a professional event, no problem.

I don't see a problem, either.  It's a professional event, not a wedding or a personal occassion, so even a full cash bar would be acceptable. 

I agree. In the business world, one cannot tell a professional journal throwing a party for that they should limit the guest list if they can't provide free drinks for everyone. The days of businesses being about to throw those sorts of parties have gone, for the most part, and will likely not be seen again.


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