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Surprise deliveries

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Had my doorbell ring today before 9am.  I do work from home starting at 8:30am, but I'm not a morning person, and at this point I was still trying to get my brain awake and into work mode.  It was a woman who pushed 4 different types of bread into my arms saying she was making a delivery from the senior center.  Also something else about being on the job for only 3 days.  I gave her a very confused look saying "But I'm the only one who lives here and I'm not a senior..." and I don't look like one either, I'm only 34! ;D  She said that she knows I live alone and its a delivery FROM the senior center, and then turned away to leave.  I just said, "um, ok, thanks" and was still very confused. My thought was "what just happened?" I've lived here 2 years now, and have never had this happen before.  Still not sure what to make of this, or what I'm going to do with all this bread.

Anyone else have anything like this happen? 


--- Quote from: robobecky on April 03, 2013, 09:10:29 AM ---or what I'm going to do with all this bread.

--- End quote ---

If it's more bread than you're likely to eat, you could always make breadcrumbs with some of it and freeze them - I like to use breadcrumbs as part of the topping for things like Macceroni cheese to help give it a bit of crispness so I often do batches of bread crumbs if I've got spare bread going.

Come to that, you could also just freeze a loaf whole and have it ready for emergencies.

Though I'd probably do none of the above JUST yet - just in case someone else turns up and asks for it back!

Can you identify 'the senior center'?  I would probably call and ask them what's up.  If this is some sort of fundraiser, or an outreach program to homebound seniors, someone is looking for their bread.  The center needs to educate the delivery person on where the delivery is supposed to be going.

It was probably a mistake.  I doubt anyone will take it back, I'd freeze it.  But I wouldn't worry.  OTOH, if you know what organization she was from you could call and find out what happened.  If you got someone else's bread you can put it at doorstep for them to pick up.

I wouldn't have taken it from her in the first place. I would have assumed she had the wrong person/wrong address and would have let her know that. At this point, I don't think I would eat that bread. I'd just toss it. I would be pretty wary of eating something some stranger like that just thrust at me.


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