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Surprise deliveries

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--- Quote from: GreenBird on April 03, 2013, 10:57:51 AM ---This is very odd!  It could be a mistake, but I also wonder if it's the beginning of some kind of scam where the person comes back in a few days demanding payment for the bread since you "accepted delivery" of it.  Don't be tempted for one second to pay anyone anything for this bread no matter how sad their story. 

In fact, I think I wouldn't open the door to anyone you're not expecting for a little while.  Remember, just because the bell rings doesn't mean you have to answer it.

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I tend to be on the paranoid side. I'm always afraid people knocking on my door are trying to "scope the joint" and determine 1) if I live alone 2) if I have a guard dog 3) if I have any valuables worth stealing 4) what doors and windows are the easiest ways to break in.

This situation is most likely something totally innocent. But for the 1% chance that it's not, I would be cautious.


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