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Surprise deliveries

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lowspark, that's a better answer.  Should have not accepted it and nicely told her she must have the wrong address.

This is all sorts of strange.

How did she know you lived alone? And even if a legitimate reason for knowing that (your neighbor volunteers at senior center) why would they send 3 loaves of bread to a home with one occupant?

If there is a way for you to find out the senior center, I'd give them a call. If the delivery person is new, no telling how many delivery mistakes she's made. If you don't want to go to that much effort, I'd be feeding a lot of ducks with that bread.

This is very odd!  It could be a mistake, but I also wonder if it's the beginning of some kind of scam where the person comes back in a few days demanding payment for the bread since you "accepted delivery" of it.  Don't be tempted for one second to pay anyone anything for this bread no matter how sad their story. 

In fact, I think I wouldn't open the door to anyone you're not expecting for a little while.  Remember, just because the bell rings doesn't mean you have to answer it.


--- Quote ---why would they send 3 loaves of bread to a home with one occupant?
--- End quote ---

it was 4

--- Quote ---It was a woman who pushed 4 different types of bread into my arms
--- End quote ---

A stranger pushing anything into my arms is too wierd.  I agree with not poening the door if you don't know the person on the other side.


--- Quote from: robobecky on April 03, 2013, 09:10:29 AM ---...She said that she knows I live alone and its a delivery FROM the senior center, and then turned away to leave...

--- End quote ---

While I never hid the fact that lived alone when I did, but that right there would freak me out! A total stranger coming to my door and announcing that!

Honestly I would call the non-emergency police number and let them know what happened and ask for advice. I am not a particularly paranoid person, but the idea of strangers keeping tabs on which homes have single dwellers is downright scary.


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