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--- Quote from: ClaireC79 on April 23, 2013, 03:29:59 AM ---However you did send Tammy the mark up direct and yet with Mark you went via the editor - I'd have found that weird as well and would be thinking Mark may have a point

--- End quote ---

By my reading, the OP's corrections of Mark's work were performed on a tight deadline so that the magazine would get out on time. (The OP mentions a tight deadline for the first month at least--not sure about the other months.) A tight deadline wouldn't really be conducive to marking the document up with constructive criticism. The OP would need to be focused on getting the magazine fit for publication within the deadline, with constructive criticism for Mark as a secondary consideration. Also, the editor was already involved, because he had judged Mark's work to be lacking and asked someone else to step in. Sending the revisions through the editor makes a lot of sense to me in that case. Now that Tammy is involved, it sounds like the revision process wasn't nearly as hectic--if nothing else, the fact that Tammy's work required only "minor tweaking" would free up a lot of time, as well as being quicker to make constructive comments on.

OP, I would suggest explaining that A) you had more time available to make a useful mark-up this month (unstated: because you only had to tweak it instead of completely reworking it) and B) you had provided a previous mark-up for Mark and were unaware that he had never received it.

Sorry for not responding in the last few days. I do appreciate everybody's input.

I most definitely don't want to throw anybody under the bus. I'm honestly looking for a way to amicably solve this problem so that we can all work well together.

--- Quote from: LEMon on April 17, 2013, 07:53:21 PM ---Can you reply "I thought previous mark-ups that I had done did get to Paul.  Perhaps (Editor) decided just to handle the matter himself/herself."  Something to indicate you had marked things up, perhaps they just weren't passed on to Mark. 

You could even add something along the lines of "Due to recent changes, I'm trying to do things differently this time round.  Fix some of the mistakes I made by not communicating enough."

Vague, but indicating you want to make things go great.

--- End quote ---

I responded to Tammy's e-mail pretty much along the above lines.

Don't remember exact wording but it was something akin to:

"I'm sorry Mark didn't receive my last mark-up. I sent it to editor first just so that he could see/edit my comments. I wasn't sure if design changes were acceptable and those thoughts should be run through editor first. When I sent my last mark-up directly to you, it was just simple/technical things where I felt the editor didn't need to get involved with."

I never heard a response back from Tammy.

--- Quote from: aiki on April 22, 2013, 11:04:32 PM ---Weird boss logic sounds like cultivating resilliance within the organisation.

For example, when the old co-worker left, you were fully capable of taking over the whole magazine at short notice while a suitable replacement was found, a process which took longer than expected. Indeed, you were fully capable of taking it on indefinitely, but what happens if you do, and then are run over by a bus? The organisation is left without anybody who even vaguely knows how to do the magazine layout.

--- End quote ---

aiki -- laughing at your literal usage of "run over by a bus" but agreeing with your sentiment . . . If I were to somehow become incapacitated and I was the only one working this particular job, it would have been a poor business practice from TPTB to allow a project like this to be in only one person's command.

Hence, the reasoning for me wanting to politely open communication between me and the other group.

UPDATE (sorta):

A week ago (Thursday) Editor sent out an e-mail to all concerned (Tammy, Mark, Their Boss, My Boss, Everybody's UberBoss, and me) asking if we could please come together and turn out May's issue in order to go to press by May 1st, getting it closer to on-time schedule than it has been in the past.

Wednesday of last week, we had a phone meeting. Tammy said "I'm slapping down the text and doing what I can." Editor asked for a proof early Thursday morning.

Late in the day on Thursday I received an e-mail from Editor, with my boss and my bigBoss being cc'd.

"Mark will be finishing the back end of the magazine. I'm told that I will be receiving inputs on Friday. Will you be able to clean up the layout on Monday in order to go to press on Tuesday?"

I left it to my boss to respond. She said "We'll do whatever we can in order to meet your deadline."

When I left work on Friday, I had not seen anything from the other team.

At this point? I'm putting it in the Boss'/Editors hands and stepping back.

Really curious to see what hits my desk on Monday morning.

It sounds like a train wreck...  Hope any damage does not include you!  You've done your best.


Sorry, didn't mean to leave you in a lurch. Thanks for asking about an update.

I was pulled off of the magazine due to another huge project. Boss is finalizing this issue.

What I saw Monday morning was not as bad as it has been in the past, but not good either.

Editor called me and asked if I would be able to fix it. I told him that he would have to talk to my Boss due to scheduling. Editor had discussions with my Boss and Mark & Tammy's Boss and the decision was made to let Tammy do the "clean-up."

What I saw on Wednesday, after Tammy worked on it, was pretty darn close to press quality. There were some photo issues and pagination issues (no room for required ads) but all in all, not bad.

That's when Boss took over. I haven't seen what she's done, but I'm not going to worry about it any more. Boss even worked OT in order to get it done.

I know we haven't gone to press yet.

I'm betting next issue will work where Mark does the initial layout then Tammy will do the clean-up before it comes to us.

It seems like Tammy has a much better grasp on the project than Mark does and hopefully she'll be the one mentoring Mark.

Which is a good thing! ;D


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