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Dressing for a Less-Formal Interview

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I have an interview with a smallish company this week and need advice on what to wear.

I had a phone interview with the owner, and he told me not to worry about dressing formally, they are a pretty casual office. He said he usually wears khakis and a pullover.

I'm kind of unfamiliar to wear to a less formal interview. I was thinking gray slacks and black pumps.

For a blouse, I don't have a lot of great options. The one I was thinking of wearing is a pinkish red, short sleeve, empire waist (does not make me look pregnant), with a collar, three buttons at the bust, and ruffles vertically at the bustline. The cut is similar to this, but it is woven cotton rather than satin (and the sleeves are not puffy):

Does that sound okay? Is there something that would work better?

Giraffe, Esq:
Sounds fine to me.  Before I was in a position to be interviewing in suits, most of my interview clothes were along those lines.  It sounds formal enough to show interest/respect, but not so formal that you look stuffy or like you didn't pay attention to what he said.

The only question I have on the blouse is whether you're comfortable wearing it.  You don't want to be self-conscious about gaping, wrinkling, underarm sweat showing excessively, etc.  As long as you're comfortable in it, it sounds like it'll look great.

The blouse is incredibly comfortable. It's also quite flattering which gives me a nice confidence boost.

Congrats on the interview.

This top looks great.

I think the top is fine.  If you have them, pair it with either a pair of khaki or black pants.  That always looks sharp.


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