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Dressing for a Less-Formal Interview

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Library Dragon:
Where's the like button for this outfit.

You know the company better than I do but I'm going to play Devil's Advocate here.

It's a lovely top but, to my mind, it may be a little too 'girly' for an interview.  A camp shirt or a polo shirt might be a better choice.

Regardless, good luck on the interview.  let us know when you get the job and I'll happily toast your success. 

Thanks folks. The interview went great and I am seriously crossing my fingers that I got the job. It's only 4 minutes away from home!! and seems to be a great environment.

Thipu, I was worried about that. Thanks to my body shape polo shirts and button-downs tend to look sloppy on me. Still, I was very happy with how I looked for the interview.


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