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Dressing for a Less-Formal Interview

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If it stays put and it's comfy and breathable, I think it's just fine. Do you have something you can put on over it if the office is cold?


--- Quote from: CakeBeret on April 08, 2013, 09:47:27 AM ---The blouse is incredibly comfortable. It's also quite flattering which gives me a nice confidence boost.

--- End quote ---

There ya go!

And you're right to give the "casual" element some thought--you want to look like you'll fit in.

And shoes are a great way to lift your clothes from "okay" to "slightly spiffy," so I love the black pumps idea.

The blouse sounds good- I'd add a jacket/cardigan on top.

Outdoor Girl:
Another vote for wearing the blouse.  I do like the idea of adding a cardigan, if you have one, in case the room is particularly cold.  You don't want to be worried about your teeth chattering while you are trying to answer questions.   :)

If the room is warmer, you can take the cardigan off.

I agree totally with Outdoor Girl. :)

Good luck!


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