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Author Topic: retail therapy: do you tend to buy online? in brick and mortar stores? mixture?  (Read 721 times)

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I wish there was a way to put your foot up on an interactive screen and have the shoes fitted that way.
and maybe someday there will be...

I wish there was a way to try on clothing virtually and know how it will look IRL...

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I buy groceries in person.  I need to read labels if we do buy something prepared or in a box (not often due to food allergies).  I also like to see the produce before I buy.  Dairy comes from a local farm, so in person.  Grain comes from a co-op, so an in person pick up once every 4 months.

Anything else that can be bought online and delivered, I buy online.  Unfortunately, I have to try on clothes before I buy to see if the fit is correct, that they don't show too much at the neckline, and that the sleeves are long enough.  I hate it.  I buy a couple of pairs of pants and shorts and a few t-shirts and wear them until they are unwearable. The only online clothing retailer I can order from is LL Bean.  I have to try on my shoes as well.  I have duck feet, and usually end up having a vigorous discussion about women's vs men's shoes.  I haven't worn women's shoes in many years because they just aren't designed for my feet.  Even the wide shoes still have an inward curve to them, and my feet don't.  Shoes are difficult.

I wish there was a way to put your foot up on an interactive screen and have the shoes fitted that way.
Take a look at this...
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Foot Fairy!  Nice!  Hope they do something similar for adults, too.


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I do a lot of shopping online.  Electronics, books, and random odds and ends come from Amazon.  Really random odds  :) come from Think Geek or similar websites.  It's much easier to Google "plastic eyes" or "three-way 1" PVC joints" than it is to run around town looking for them.

I used to buy most of my clothing from Land's End, but the quality and fit is less reliable now.  Tops have been okay, but I haven't been happy with the last few pairs of pants.  I've been meaning to check out L.L. Bean.  There's a store in my area, which would make returns easier.

Groceries still come from a real grocery store.  I like to see my produce in person, shopping sales and using coupons help keep prices reasonable, and a single person doesn't really need to buy most things by the case. 


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I do both, depending on what it is. Groceries are done in person. I've tried the online order/home delivery thing but found many favors or varieties of certain products I like were only available in store.

I order clothes and other stuff online and buy in stores. I'm cheap so hate paying shipping. I will only order if I get free shipping and returns or can return to a store. I order a lot of misc stuff online too, esp Amazon since I have Prime.

I will also order stuff online I can get locally, mainly because I have limited free time, and it's easier to shop at my convenience from my couch, vs. Driving to the store


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It really depends what it is.  Shoes, clothes, and bras must be in an actual store where I can try stuff on.  The exception being certain style dresses...I know I can pretty much get any dress by Perceptions,  Kathy Roberts, ABStudio, or Studio one in a 10 and it will fit and an XL on Modcloth.

I buy my vitamins, makeup (sometimes), hard to find pantry items and such online.
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I do both.  I prefer to go shopping but having two little ones, my own business and life I do not always get the chance to.  I am fortunate I generally know my sizing at and it works for my kids because you can shop across the three brands and easy mail back returns.  I also found a Canadian online drug store. 

I do prefer to unplug, go for a browse and take a cup of tea for a walk around a mall.  I prefer to buy my books from my favourite local store but find I buy way more in person!


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I'm a mix, although I do like online window shopping, so I might spend some time "fake" shopping, where I browse thro a website loading the basket with anything I like and then go through the basket and then buy none of it. Or maybe just 1 or 2 things.
I do buy some clothes online, mostly from stores that I can get to for any returns, or have free delivery to store.
Then of course there is Etsy, oh I could spend a fortune on there!

I do like bookstores but the prices can be really daft compared to online, which is a shame but if I can get 3 instead of one, I'll buy online.

I do some food shopping online, there's a couple of short or past date sellers in the UK and it's never anything that can spoil easily, hundreds of packets of couscous for a couple of pennies each? Yes please!
(Yes I really did and yes we ate a lot of couscous!!)


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I do both.  I normally don't mind going to the store, but I have 2 small kids which can make shopping less productive and more hassle for me.  I'll mostly order things like diapers, wipes, paper towels, toilet paper, and toys for Christmas from a big box store online.  Doing that saves me a lot of time and aggravation of lugging kids and the bulky items.  I like to shop for clothes mostly in store, but if I see a good sale and won't make it to the store, I'll order online and take things back that don't fit.  Mostly I order only in stores where I am familiar with the sizing to avoid returns.  I still go grocery shopping in the store.


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I buy almost all of my clothes online. Shopping in clothing stores is becoming less and less appealing. The sales staff often seems inexperienced and poorly trained. There is an emphasis on cramming as much stuff as possible into least square footage. Merchandise is illogically organized. I'm a 10 - 14 petite and I find it hard to locate stuff in my size on the sales floor. Even the biggest department stores put their petite section in some dim remote corner of the store and have minimal offerings. I hate trying on clothes in stores. It takes too much time and I hate the lack of privacy.

I have four or  five online sites that I've been buying from it seems like forever. They are good about returns. Sizing is a problem. Sizes vary a lot, even within the same store. Color can be a problem, too, although if you can get a print catalogue it gives a better idea of the true color than you get on a computer screen.

The only wearable item I usually shop for in person is shoes, mainly because fit varies  a lot with shoes.  I like DSW because I can try on all the shoes I want without having to wait for an available clerk. Their variety is great.

I buy groceries in stores, only because I don't see much alternative at this point. I don't think any local stores offer delivery. I suppose I could buy staples on line and may investigate that before long.

As far as everything else, on line is my first choice. Books, CDs, DVDs, razor blades, refrigerator filters, Dog toys, some furniture, curtains, throw rugs, luggage, fancy bakery items for holidays, you name it. DH started buying camera equipment online in the 90s and has never looked back.


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Both.  I don't prefer one over the other.

It just depends on what I need or what at the time and where I can find the best price and when I need it by.

Now, if they ever have online ordering for groceries in our area, that I would hop on, if they had the whole stores selection on site, so that I could peruse for what I wanted to buy.  I would either pick it up or have it delivered if I could. 


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We don't have grocery shopping online available yet.  DH does the grocery shopping so I don't know if he would be interested in buying online.

When I want a specific item, I often buy online because it simply isn't available in our city.  For example, I like to buy 1940's movies on DVD and I like flannel granny gowns to sleep in (they're warm and they make me feel like a princess).  I have specific brands and "models" of some clothing items that are simply easier to buy on-line.  I like bras that are X Brand and Y model in a ~~~ size.  I don't want to waste time and gas going to multiple stores to find them since they usually don't carry my size in stock.  I have a favorite pair of gym shoes that fit my wide feet perfectly.  It's much easier to order them online since again, stores don't usually carry my size in what I want.  I also buy tobacco and plants for my garden online because the selection is so much better.  We even bought our wedding rings online.

I'm open to buying almost anything online.  The exceptions would include mattresses and upholstered furniture.  Or a hat.  Or a live Christmas tree  ;D