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A sort-of employer related dilemma

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cattlekid, you might want to email the general idea of what you want, and suggest that the two of you meet at your house so you can discuss specifics.  This gives you a chance to evaluate the person and how they handle the discussion.  Because it is 'still in the talking about it' stage, if they were to make you feel uncomfortable, you have a way out.

I suggest this because I made a similar set up once without meeting the person first.  They were a smoker and I couldn't handle the residue smell that lingered after she finished (I consider this my issue, not theirs).  I felt awkward saying that I changed my mind after only one visit since I stated it would last longer.

You should go ahead with this, if you are comfortable with the person, of course.  It isn't just the money that they are earning - for many people who are unemployed and wish they had a job, not having a job is bad for their self-esteem.  My coworker's husband lost his job and his self-esteem plummeted and she was worried about him become clinically depressed.  He got a job that pays almost nothing, but it made such a difference for him - he felt good about himself again!  Also, it was a new field for him, and now this job is a reference for him for other jobs that will pay more and/or have more hours for him. 

If you want to go ahead with the adult, tell them the hours/rate and say something like "I was originally thinking of a teen doing this given the hours and rate, but we can give this a trial period if you are interested."

Then you see if they balk or try to get you to add more hours. Be firm.   Then let them try and if you don't like it and don't feel comfortable then you could say "The trial period is over and I won't be continuing with you. Thank you for your efforts."
If you do like them you could say "The trial period has worked out well! Would you mind if I give your info to people I know that may be interested in housecleaning?"

If you don't feel comfortable with this at this point then just say "I was really looking for a teenager to have an afterschool job."

Do know you any friends who have teens?  That's who I would go to frankly; because I would not want DD going to someone's home that I did not know pretty well.  Or a friend of a friend maybe?

Whichever route you go, I would make sure to make my expectations clear up front and as others have suggested, have a trial period. 


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