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Author Topic: Coordinate my vacation with who? (Childcare issue)  (Read 11612 times)

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Re: Coordinate my vacation with who? (Childcare issue)
« Reply #30 on: April 11, 2013, 10:33:28 AM »
It does not matter about the other family.

Number one, she has asked without thirty days notice, in violation of her own contract.

You can just tell her that unfortunately you cannot accomodate her request  You and your dh cannot get time off of work and you cannot find other arrangements with this short notice.   If she still chooses not to watch your child, it might be prudent to actually looking into a formal daycare option and then you will not have to worry about this situation again.

I used to do in home babysitting, but I was very flexible and did not have contracts.  I wish I would have!  But, others that I know that did do contracts, when they took vacation or holidays, it was when "they" wanted to.  They did not work around the children in their care schedules.  If the families took other vacation weeks, that was on them.  They still paid for their spot.   They only received so many weeks of childcare free or vacation weeks a year.

This is exactly how our terms work and when I was searching for childcare, this is pretty consistent with what in-home daycares were asking.  Public childcare is the same (as far as paying for the spot whether or not the child was physically there).  The only difference is that obviously they can still provide care when someone is on they cost more.  We pay our daycare provider a competitive price, but it's still cheaper than public daycare.  The price, for me, is not the issue.  She also provides us a huge convenience.  Living just a few streets over from us and being very flexible with the times (if we are working late, or ask to drop DD off early), it is never a problem.  In addition, she is often willing to babysit for us on evenings or weekends at no additional cost if she's available (we don't take advantage of this and only ask when needed and try to ask well ahead of time). 

Anyway, I did speak with her yesterday when I picked up DD.  I told her that I was surprised by the request for time off because it wasn't the 30 days notice we had in the contract and that it was longer than the 'one week outside of Christmas week' that we had agreed on.  I told her that I am not able to take that time off work, especially on such short notice, and that I'd be willing to still pay her for one of the weeks, but not the second, as long as she wasn't expcting to take another week off work before Christmas.  She agreed to this and apologized for springing it on me.  She said that it just didn't occur to her before yesterday that this would be an opportunity to take her kids to see their out of state relatives and spend two weeks with the family.

This morning, when I dropped DD off she told me that she talked to her Mom and her mom is willing to come to my house for those two weeks and watch DD for me.  (Her mom usually goes to her house if she's sick or has an appointment and watches the kids for her when she can't...we are used to her being alternate care when she's not available).  She said if that was ok, then she would tell her mom to plan on it.  We are very close with her mother, so this works out great.  She also noted that these are the only two weeks of vacation she's taking this year so I can still plan on her not taking another week off outside of Christmas.  I'll pay her for the entire month and let her work out with her mother what her mom gets paid.  Nothing extra out of pocket for me.

So, this is solved...and luckily it wasn't too hard :)

Awesome update!!


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Re: Coordinate my vacation with who? (Childcare issue)
« Reply #31 on: April 11, 2013, 11:54:00 AM »
I'm so glad for the update!


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Re: Coordinate my vacation with who? (Childcare issue)
« Reply #32 on: April 11, 2013, 05:13:54 PM »
Fantastic update! It's great to hear what direct communication that assumes good will on bothe sides can accomplish!  :D


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Re: Coordinate my vacation with who? (Childcare issue)
« Reply #33 on: April 11, 2013, 05:27:01 PM »
Fantastic update!  I agree with Marbles, really shows how being direct and kind in your communication makes all the difference. 


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Re: Coordinate my vacation with who? (Childcare issue)
« Reply #34 on: April 12, 2013, 06:50:50 AM »
good resolve! i'm glad that things worked out.

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