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I'm at the end of my rope on this issue.

Our property manager runs a chat room (I guess one of those party line things) and has taken to wearing his blue tooth everywhere he goes.  This means that every single time he comes into the office, not only am I interrupted by his just being there but by the constant stream of chatter as he talks away.

What is even MORE annoying than that, is that sometimes I will have to answer the phones or, heaven help me, actually ask HIM a question.  He acts as though I am completely rude for interrupting him and has to explain to whomever he is talking to that he's "talking to the secretary" or "that's going on in the office."

The truth is it's gotten to the point where I really believe it's effecting his work -- both quality and quantity.  Not to mention he is annoyed by anyone who interrupts his chat sessions (or at least it appears that way).

I am going to have to say something, because I'm really about to blow up over the issue and like I said, it's effecting his work.  I am not his supervisor per se, but I am responsible for him in a lot of ways and making sure his work gets done.

Can anyone help me find the right words?

Is he running this chat room on your employer's time?

Are you planning to talk to him directly or talk to his supervisor?

If you don't directly supervise him, then you have a legitimate reason for going to the supervisor and saying that there is a problem that is affecting the quality and quantity of your work and the manager's.

This is part of the crux of the problem.

Yes, he's running the chat room on employer time.  I believe he sees it no differently than listening to an MP3 player, etc., because his hands are free to work.  The problem is, I'm often finding him holed up in empty classrooms chatting away, talking to the people who lease space from us, or just standing in the middle of the room looking around because he's so busy talking, I think he can't figure out what he should do next.

I'm not his supervisor, but I do supervise his work.  He's slower and accomplishing less.  I'm also seeing the "looks" from people when he goes walking by just chatting away on company time.

If I were a tenant, paying money for professional managment services, and that professional manager spent *my* time running his personal sideline, I would be irritated beyond belief, and investigating ways to break my lease.  I am not receiving what I paid for, period.  When this guy is on the clock, he should be 100% attentive to his employer's work.  And heaven help him if I got an impatient look or an eyeroll for interrupting his conversation.

I think you need to say something to his supervisor.  Let them know what you've observed regarding his work performance and do not get into the chat room issues.  For all you know, he may have permission to do this (I know, not likely, but possible), and your concern has to be how his not doing his assigned job is affecting you and the tenants. 


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