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So essentially he's working a second job (paid or not) on the clock of primary job?  That's highly unethical.  Really this is beyond an etiquette issue.  Just report him to the upper echelon as there is no way he is paying attention to what he is doing and somewhere along the line his is going to make a mistake that is going to cost the company.  At the very least, he is doing only a half-hearted job of what he is supposed to be doing because his head is elsewhere.  Plus he seems to be affecting the quality of work of others because he is annoyed when he is actually called upon to do his job.

The question becomes do you want to report him in an email or by phone to the uppers?  Either way you are perfectly justified in expressing your concern over his quality of work, or lack thereof.  He is essentially running a project management gig on the side.  People take entire courses in project management, they do not take courses in listening to ipods.  They are not the same thing.

Document, document, document. And take that to his supervisor.


--- Quote from: VltGrantham on April 10, 2013, 10:36:50 AM ---I'm at the end of my rope on this issue.

Our property manager runs a chat room (I guess one of those party line things) and has taken to wearing his blue tooth everywhere he goes.  This means that every single time he comes into the office, not only am I interrupted by his just being there but by the constant stream of chatter as he talks away.

What is even MORE annoying than that, is that sometimes I will have to answer the phones or, heaven help me, actually ask HIM a question.  He acts as though I am completely rude for interrupting him and has to explain to whomever he is talking to that he's "talking to the secretary" or "that's going on in the office."

The truth is it's gotten to the point where I really believe it's effecting his work -- both quality and quantity.  Not to mention he is annoyed by anyone who interrupts his chat sessions (or at least it appears that way).

I am going to have to say something, because I'm really about to blow up over the issue and like I said, it's effecting his work.  I am not his supervisor per se, but I am responsible for him in a lot of ways and making sure his work gets done.

Can anyone help me find the right words?

--- End quote ---

Are you the secretary?  Because that seems to me like he is dismissing you to the party on the other end.

If not, I would say (in only a slightly louder voice), "I am not your secretary, I am the {your position}!  I need you to end your personal call so that I can talk to you about {issue}."

And I would immediately take this issue to the one who holds authority over his job.

He's essentially spending all of his work day on a personal phone call. I don't know of any employer who would be okay with that. Not to mention that it has to be distracting, thus affecting the quality of his work (I'm assuming he does maintenance-type things?) and potentially leading to dangerous mistakes.
Definitely report this to whoever is above him. I wouldn't try talking to him directly, since you're not his supervisor.

This isn't an etiquette issue, it's a safety issue.  Whether or not the device is hands-free, he is being distracted by the conversation.  Being on a bluetooth phonecall is an entirely different matter than listening to music on an MP3. 

When listening to music and the brain needs to concentrate on the task at hand, the music is pushed into the background and the brain does it's thing with the task.  When one is talking on the phone-the brain has to try and concentrate on two separate actions simultaneously.  One of the actions will be pushed towards the back.  If the task is pushed back-the maintenance man, a helper, a bystander could be injured or killed.  Talking is a huge distraction when one is working, especially when large machinery or power tools are involved.

Document and report to your supervisor.  Do not take his dismissive crap when he comes to speak to you.  Speak up clearly and tell him to disconnect from the call while you two are talking about work concerns.  He is being completely disrespectful of your time and position (you are responsible for checking his work, yes?). 


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