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  • February 09, 2016, 12:03:06 PM

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Author Topic: Thank you...not my size. Again.  (Read 86 times)

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January Girl

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Thank you...not my size. Again.
« on: Today at 11:46:30 AM »
Theresa - New Co-Worker of 2 weeks
John - Co-Worker of 2+ years

BG: John and I have a great working friendship. We both have a similar outgoing personality. He knows I'm on a diet/exercise routine for a very important wedding coming up in April. He will often kid me saying hey, going to the gas station need any candy, chips, cake...etc. It's all in good fun because I know he truly means well. End BG.

I was wearing a turquoise dress at work when new Theresa commented how pretty the color was. She then stated she had a dress in a lovely shade of purple that she doesn't wear anymore...would I want it? I said sure! Thank you! Theresa is about 5" taller than me and maybe a size or 2 up. But we all know how clothes are..depends on the fit.

Come into work a few days later and a bag is on my desk. Purple dress. YAY! I open the dress up and quickly realize this dress is 10 full sizes larger than I actually wear. Fighting back tears (I mean who wants to be perceived as 10 sizes larger than they are?) I go to Theresa and thank you for the dress. But it won't work as I'm a size XY and this is an XX. She then proceeds to demand I try it on, the fit will fit you, the cut is different. I stammered and said ok, I'll try it on at home.

I get it home and put this dress on OVER my clothes and had plenty of room. Clearly, not a fit. The next day at work, I tell Theresa I tried on the dress, it doesn't fit as I suspected and I will return it to her. She said ok I'll put it in my donate bin. I then said well, my sister may wear it, I'll see her in a few weeks. Asked her if she wanted payment (it's a very well known name brand dress) she waived me off and said no. I thought that was the end of it.

A few days later, I come into a bag of size XY (again..I'm size XX) clothes. I looked in..confused. I then asked Theresa if these came from her. She brightly said yes! They're for YOU! I said I don't understand...I couldn't wear the dress..these are the same size. She said oh pish..try them on. I said again, thank you but I'm size XY they won't work. Unless I save for my sister...again.

I don't know if she sees the way John and I interact and thinks joking around with me is ok? I don't know her very well as she just started. I'm at a bit at a loss here.


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Re: Thank you...not my size. Again.
« Reply #1 on: Today at 11:59:06 AM »
Her bringing you oversized clothes does not sound like a joke...are these left over from a recent weight-loss of her own?? Perhaps she is just a terrible judge of size. I know I am, but I tend to underestimate rather than overestimate. I think you've made yourself clear. If it happens again, I would bare a bit of teeth. Tell her that bringing you clothes she knows to be the wrong size is simply inappropriate, and you would appreciate it in the future if she kept her cast-offs to herself.