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  • May 29, 2016, 01:05:35 AM

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Author Topic: You blocked me on Facebook but this is real life  (Read 775 times)

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Re: You blocked me on Facebook but this is real life
« Reply #15 on: Yesterday at 10:34:03 PM »
I, too, would ignore/block someone I met once, even if we were members of a group.  I ignore all FB friend requests from friends of friends/members of groups I join/others who like pages I like.  I don't think that's rude or an insult to them; to me, it is on par with not answering phone calls when I don't recognize the caller ID.  I have to know you in real life before I add you on FB; I know some people have hundreds of FB friends, and that's their choice, but it's not mine.  And if someone decided to freeze me out at a meeting because I didn't add them to my FB?  That would be the last interaction I had with them.

I suppose it's possible OP was coming on too strong for this woman.

That was my thought too. The OP meets this lady once and suddenly pops up on FB replying to something the  lady posted? Was your reply even on topic or something completely unrelated to get her attention? I'd probably be reaching for the block button too. Unless the group is set to "secret" she'll be able to join without adding "strangers" to her friend list.

And the fact that her settings are locked down indicates to me that she is far more technically literate than you are giving her credit for.

IMO the fact that her settings prevented you from sending a friend request or messaging her in the first place sends a pretty strong message that (A) she does not use her Facebook account to interact with new and/or casual acquaintances and (B) that this is her general policy and nothing personal towards you (if it was specific to you, she could just have blocked you from the beginning instead of generally locking down her account). Keep in mind that preventing people from connecting is not Facebook's default at all--I would consider a locked-down account to indicate that the person is tech-savvy and very deliberately controlling their account rather than the reverse.

Pod to all. If I don't know you, I'm not going to add you on Facebook.

My Facebook is locked down with the tightest settings available at the moment. If it becomes possible to make them even tighter then I will do that too. IME, it's been the least tech savvy people who've had the most public settings, albeit unintentionally. I've pointed out to a few relatives that just about their entire page is public and they've been horrified to learn this, and very grateful that I was able to help them tighten things up.  (I realise that a lot of people deliberately make their profiles public, and I'm not referring to them in my non-tech savvy comment. But in the case of my relatives, it was due to genuine lack of understanding of how Facebook works).


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Re: You blocked me on Facebook but this is real life
« Reply #16 on: Today at 12:06:12 AM »
I'd have to agree with others that someone who knows how to lock down her FB settings and to the extent she can't be sent friend requests is more technically literate than you think and, also, limits her FB contact.  I wouldn't take it personally (tough, I know; I've had individuals I thought I was friendly with not accept my friend requests -- now that I think about it, I think one person blocked me).