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Email followup w/ interviewer--advice?

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--- Quote from: jpcher on April 11, 2013, 01:06:52 PM ---What type of e-mail address do you have?

If it's anything cutsie (sunflower_and_roses @ whatever) it might be directed to his spam folder.

I think it's perfectly fine for you to call him and ask if he did, in fact, receive the second e-mail you sent.

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My email address is a standard firstname, lastname gmail addy.

Thanks for the advice, I will call!

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Even if you have a standard gmail account, if his email address doesn't recognize your email AND it includes an attachment, it could still go to his spam or junk . (Happens to me at work, even from people i DO know...)

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Excellent point. I know my with my work e-mail, if someone is sending a .pdf or some such thing as an attachment, if the e-mail isn't within company it will be thrown into "junk" mail or not delivered. Outside senders need to precede the attachment suffix with a code.

But with a company that receives attachment resumes, you would think that they would explain this to the applicants.

Unless they want your resume as a stand-alone e-mail and not an attachment. Which seems odd.


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