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Although this isn't a recipe request, it is not too far off topic. I have ordered a French, that is, tapered rolling pin to use. I grew up on the standard wooden rolling pin so am looking forward to this. I have never owned a marble one and would love to buy a tapered one of those but they apparently don't exist. :( In searching Amazon, I came across some stainless steel ones as well. But if you use them, I would like to know which one(s). Do you have more than one or just one for everything? If so, what size and type(s)? Do you use them for different thing? Tell all!

What are you using it for?   Marble is great for pastry.   I have used steel, but only if I prechill for pastry.  I LOVE silicone, btw.

I have a wooden rolling pin with no handles. I am kind of "meh" about it.  I wish I had marble one, but I am currently "borrowing" a stainless steel one from a relative to see how I like it.  I love it for pastry!  It has an insert that can be chilled or frozen and that sucker stays cold forever.

Outdoor Girl:
I used a wooden one with handles for years.  A friend gave me her old marble one with handles.  I like it for pastry but not so much for cookies - I find it harder to get an even roll out with it.

I've never used a handleless one.

I'll be using it mostly but not exclusively for pastry. I just ordered the tapered French wooden one from Amazon, but am considering buying a marble one too.

The stainless steel caught my eye, and I am very interested to hear about the inset that can be chilled. Which one do you have, Alkira6?

And Nrb80, tell me more about your silicone one. I have never heard of that. How does it work and what do you use it for?


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