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Author Topic: Customer Surveys - "Give me a 10"  (Read 25887 times)

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Re: Customer Surveys - "Give me a 10"
« Reply #75 on: April 13, 2013, 06:47:49 PM »
I don't feel like it is my job to help corporations by filling out surveys for them that pretty much are only for the benefit of the corporation.   My time is worth something and if they offer anything back, it usually isn't worth the time it would take me to fill out their survey.  Instead, I post online reviews because I use them myself and want to give back to other reviewers.

So, I stopped filling out corporate surveys several years ago.  When I did fill them out, I would never fill out the ones that only had places for a number rating.  I would fill out the ones that had number ratings and a comment section, but only in the comments area and then only if I had something that I wanted the company to know about.

I was ending up feeling resentful at what seemed like endless surveys on every store purchase slip and since the main purpose was for the corporation to get free (or mostly free) feedback, I didn't want to do that for them for free. 

Heck, if they want my opinion, they can pay me for it. :)  They might actually value it more if it cost them something to get it.