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Author Topic: When Emergency Services Are Needed  (Read 58718 times)

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Re: When Emergency Services Are Needed
« Reply #135 on: April 22, 2013, 07:37:01 AM »
I'm amazed that it costs so much for emergency medical care and thankful that we have an NHS here.

I was just thinking the same thing. I'm very grateful medical care is free here.

Ambulance rides are not free in Australia unless you have a select type of *health care card or pay separately for cover. A family near me had their son have an accident with a bottle of olive oil and a BBQ and that ambulance ride cost 35 thousand dollars. I had to call an ambulance for myself earlier this year and the 2 block ride was 1500 but luckily I had purchased ambulance cover so it was all good. 30-50 bucks a year is worth the investment.

*The health care card only covers 1 ambulance ride to an emergency department. If you need to be transferred to another hospital you will not be covered and will have to pay. I learned this chatting with the operator while waiting to get my bill settled so if you live in a small town with a tiny emergency department and have the main Hospital 50km away, get cover. I never knew this and my mum uses this card so I told her and boy, she was surprised and cya'd.

ETA: Just chatting with a friend and some health insurance ambulance cover is the same as above and won't cover ambulance transfers or second ambulance/lifeflight transport. Basically, check everything for coverage before you need it. Friend nearly got dinged by that one but her Dad had given her 3 year ambulance cover as a gift last year so she was covered.

Where in Australia do you live? I live in Tasmania and have never had to pay a cent for an ambulance. Including transfer to different hospitals and, on one occasion an air flight when my partner got a collapsed lung. I don't have any form of private health insurance, nor do have a health care card.

Once when I was in a car accident I got a bill for the ambulance. I nearly had a heart attack, it was over eight hundred dollars for a fifteen minute trip! Turns out it was a paper work error. I filed it with Medicare & didn't have to pay anything.
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Re: When Emergency Services Are Needed
« Reply #136 on: April 22, 2013, 07:05:14 PM »
Tassie is one of the few states (or only one) that has few ambulance. DH and I get one free abulande a year from our health cover.


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Re: When Emergency Services Are Needed
« Reply #137 on: April 24, 2013, 03:06:38 PM »
I attend the university where my husband works.  I doubt that if I had a seizure in class that someone would go get him instead of calling 911, nor would I want them too.  Naturally, he should be the second one notified.  I would also rather they call emergency services first than try to locate me on the campus if a medical emergency happened to him. 


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Re: When Emergency Services Are Needed
« Reply #138 on: April 24, 2013, 03:28:37 PM »
I don't think my uni even had my husband's number on file. I certainly dodn't remember giving it to them.
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Re: When Emergency Services Are Needed
« Reply #139 on: April 25, 2013, 12:15:06 PM »
I'm in Victoria. I wasn't aware of different charging or no charging in other states but then it's not something you wouldn't think of until you need an ambulance.


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Re: When Emergency Services Are Needed
« Reply #140 on: April 25, 2013, 03:19:46 PM »
I'd guess that either A: this guy is a class-A JERK, or, more likely, B: he was scared.  Very scared.  Scared because his wife was seizing, scared because he didn't know how they would pay for the ambulance, scared of the whole thing, and that he took it out on y'all.  But you didn't do anything wrong and, in fact, you did something very RIGHT.

I really hope it's B, because if it's A, that woman is in for a lifetime of a husband who cares more about money than her health.

I don't know, I think the fact that he called back LATER to ream them for calling kind of tips the scale into the A category for me...
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