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What would kids enjoy in Washington DC?

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DH and I are taking the girls to Washington DC in a few weeks and I'm trying to have a plan because I'm that kinda gal  :P  Babybartfast is 4 and Bittybartfast is still tiny enough not to care what we do.  Anyone have suggestions for things Babybartfast will like AND which are accessible by Metro?  We'll have a full week to play around.  So far my list is:

- zoo
- Smithsonian museums along the mall
- Bureau of Printing & Engraving
- Botanic Garden?

Anything else worth seeing that a 4-year-old would enjoy?  I don't think she'd be up for all the civic stuff (monuments, White House, etc.) unless they're free and we can spend all of 10 minutes saying "See that?  Cool!  On to the next thing!"

We visited DC (from Australia) when older DS was 18 months old. We went to a fantastic museum which I think was called The Children's Museum (a local poster may be able to clarify). Great for babies, toddlers and school age kids. Very interactive and we totally enjoyed it and recommend it. 

We returned to DC when the DS' were 12 and 8 years old, but by that time they were old enough for the standard museums, however, your DD may enjoy the Postal Museum as DS1 enjoyed it as both a toddler and 12 year old.

Air and Space

One thing that helped on both trips I took was remembering the Smithsonian is free. Take small bites and return another day. I think we returned to Air and Space 8 or 9 times because I was fascinated  Plan of frequent breaks outside where the kids can blow off steam. If your kids aren't used to taking mass transit, make it a hard and fast rule that your 4 yo hold X's hand every time you get on and off. Decide now which parent it is going to be - that way you don't have an eek I thought you had her hand moment. (We were older but unused to using mass transit Dad helped his Mom, Mom had Sis, I walked in front of both of them)
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Part of the air and space museum is now near Dulles airport. It is a large hangar with all sorts of planes, a space shuttle and really interesting items. I think a 4 year old would love it.

My kids like the museum of Natural History because it has dinosaurs, live butterflies, an insect zoo, mummies, etc. My 9yo loves rocks and he can easily spend 2 hours in the geology section.


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