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--- Quote from: snowdragon on April 19, 2013, 12:31:44 PM ---  They even use our address to get their mail - because it's easier for them. 
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I'm not sure, but this might be illegal.  I know it is if they go into your mailbox.  Talk to your postman/woman, or to the local postmaster, and see if you can arrange it so anything addressed to them will not be put into your box.  If the porch/lawn is that bad, too, then the mailman won't deliver, and eventually they'll have to clean up (or start picking up their mail). 

Finally, if nothing else, start tossing their mail onto their lawn.  It's more respect than they show for the neighbors.

I'm sorry you have to deal with them.  They sound like they're horribly entitled, and I feel the worst for their kid.

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Hmmm... well unfortunately you can't just trash their mail, even though I bet you are tempted to.  And I don't think that just tossing their mail on their lawn would have the desired effect...

But nothing says that you have to take their mail back to the post office right away, either.  If I were you, I might just hang on to all of that mail for a while - say, a month or two - and then bring it back to the post office in one big pile.   >:D

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I really like this idea!  You could also get a locking mailbox.

Here's hoping they move out sooner than later!

Yep. "Return to sender - not at this address" for all of it. Problem will soon solve itself.


Well, the language barrier is a real problem.  the parking the car under my window problem has they could lay sod.

Over the weekend I tried to speak to them and showed them the flags.  They were very nice and said, "I know.  How are you."

They have dug up the old grass around the tree and have their chairs lined up around it.  I am at my wits end!  the good news is, that I emailed the fence guy and he was very nice and is coming this week and letting us make payments.

We ran into unforeseen circumstances and have not had the money, so this is very nice of him.

BTW, before I posted I ran outside to take a pic and they were all sitting there eating, under the tree, in my yard.

Oh, and I don't know if I shared this before or not, but I did have the tree trimmed and they watched the whole time, I thought that would let them know it is my yard.  No, he said, 'It's ok, cut it.  Thank you.'

I am not being mean and have come to terms with different cultures do different things.  I have no control over what they do in their yard.  I just am really sick of not feeling comfortable in my own bedroom.

Originally I thought they were right up to the property line but in their yard - annoying but their right - now they have moved into your yard? Not cool! Make sure you let the fence guys know you are the only person to be listened to when he's installing that fence!

Oh dear golly - they think it's their yard!  Good luck!


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