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Next time they're having a phone conversation, lean out the window and ask if they can move because you're trying to read/nap/not listen to their conversation but you can't help but hear.

I sympathize.  My "new neighbor" moved in 3 years ago and immediately started renovations.  Yay, property improvement!  Then, after the house was beautifully fixed up, she started having loud drunken parties until 3 or 4 am every other weekend (and she's a cop!).  I've been kept up all night and found errant trash in my backyard more than once.

I would try to talk to them, once, about the trash and the loud conversations.  If they are not receptive, call code enforcement and see what they can do.  Most people do not like the city on their tails.  That's what I had to resort to.  My neighbor and I no longer speak either.

Have you officially met/welcomed them? If not, I would start there. This may be an adjustment period or they may be annoying people. But I believe that when you have good neighbors it can be a blessing so start on as good tone-go over with a plate of cookies and introduce yourself, tell them which gas station ( or whatever) is is the better one, and then mention 'I notice you parked your cars on x, it's right below my bedroom window. Could you please park at Y spot? Thanks!'

If things don't get better then you go up the food chain.

I am hoping te water bottles and plastic bags are only moving in mess.  This morning I woke up to something new,

I have a very nice oak tree on my side yard outside my window.  They now have chairs out there right along the property line but set for a nice shady conversation spot and the car is moved back a little. 

I feel for you OP.  The people that lived next to me were surprised when we and the people on the other side suddenly decided to build fences.  I would introduce myself and then maybe point out the property line and explain that you can hear their phone conversations, and you would hate to them to think you were eavesdropping.  I would give them to the next garbage pick up to see how that pans out (moving detritus v garbage dump), especially if it has been windy.  They may not realize it is blowing into your yard.  I have had people joke that I should write a book about my experiences with crazy neighbors through the years (I seem to have a magnet for them) so I sympathize with anyone who just wants their home to be peaceful.


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