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From experience as a waitress, I understand why they do this, but it still bugs me as a customer. I think if you crossed it off to give a $.01 tip or something, it would have been rude, but if it's allowed, you were being perfectly reasonable the way you did it.


--- Quote from: KenveeB on April 12, 2013, 10:14:06 PM ---I think you were wrong to do that. The time to object to an automatic tip is before you order. As long as the policy is posted (either at the door or on the menu), then by ordering you're agreeing to pay that gratuity. If you want to set your own tip, choose a different restaurant. If it's not posted anywhere, then I think you're fine objecting.

I'm not a fan of the auto-tip, personally. Most of the time I'd actually tip more than that -- 20% is my standard, unless the service was bad -- but if they set an auto-tip at lower than that, I figure they're saying that's what their service is worth so I don't add to it.

--- End quote ---

100% agree.

Mental Magpie:
There was no warning they would do that so you did not consent to it.  I think you were OK to do what you did; it was not retaliation, which I think would be wrong.

I remember one time this happened when I was a small child, so about 20 years ago.  I specifically remember how upset my parents were, but they wound up paying it because it had been printed on the menu, albeit small and out of regular sight.  My dad, a very laid back man, told them how sneaky he thought it was and that we would not be eating there again.

Library Dragon:
I dislike auto-tip too and am surprised they did this for such a small party.  You were right in changing it if there was no "warning."

One reason I dislike auto-tip is that I prefer to pay the bill on my airline miles card, but tip with cash.  Waitstaff have the cash immediately and there's no credit card fee loss.  I've also known restaurants that are slooooow to tip out staff what they are due in tips. 

It seems the waitstaff may be shortchanged twice with a lower percentage and removing the cash option. 

I would not go back. I would have told them to rerun the credit card without the fraudulent charge (use that word). Then I would get on Yelp, foursquare - whatever social media you use and give a 1 or 2 star review using the words fraudulent charge on my credit card, rip off, describe the service in the worse possible terms.

That lets TPTB know we - as the public are going to fight back. On the flip side I make a point to write positive reviews of the great little independent places near me. I want them to flourish.


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