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United Airlines

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Anybody ever flown United?  I will be flying to Denver on May 2, and I booked my flight with them.  I think I flew United in 1998, but it has been so long, and that was before 9/11, that I don't remember much about it.  I flew Frontier to Denver last year, and it was a fantastic flight.  I will be flying out of OKC (Will Rogers) so it will only be about an hour and a half flight. 

Hopefully no bad stories!

Well, they did a good job getting me from Denver to the East Coast for work on Sunday, and I don't expect any problems on the way back. :-) If you can spare the $, however, it is worth upgrading to Economy Plus for the extra bit of space.

I've flown United a bunch of times. I can remember nothing special (good or bad) about them - they are pretty generic in my experience... which I guess is a good thing, at least a bit.

I hate them.  For some reason I once had to take a flight with them from somewhere in the U.S. to Frankfurt.  I am 5'6", but I am all torso and my legs are the size of someone 5'2" (medical problem)  Even I had my knees on the seat in front of me.  When they handed out drinks people had nowhere to put them because they couldn't use the tray. 

Check out untied.com which I found by accident one day.   

Unless you have an aversion (for whatever reason) to a particular airline, I would go with whatever company is most convenient in terms of price and compatible take off/arrival times. Go to one of the online sites like Orbitz or Expedia or Travelocity, just to mention a few, for options.


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