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Tipping Pizza Deliveries

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(I probably should have posted this in "Life in General".  Oh well, too late.)

I don’t know if this has been discussed, but I was wondering what kind of tip is considered standard for pizza (or other food) deliveries.

I tend to round up.  For example, of the total is $12.83 I give the person $15.00 and say keep the change.  If I only have a $20 bill, I ask for $5 back.  I rarely use a credit card for pizza deliveries.

I’ve seen people give $5 tip, $1 (chintzy), or if the total is $14.61 they say ‘keep the change’ (also chintzy).

I’ve also heard it’s appropriate to give a 15-20% tip pizza delivery.  The restaurant always adds a delivery charge, so any extra is for the driver, right?

Also curious – does anyone know if drivers are paid per delivery or per hour?


oops! I should have done a search.  Thanks!  :-[

That, and if it isn't mentioned in that thread... do NOT assume the delivery charge goes to the driver. Part of it might, but probably not all of it. Maybe not even half.

We do the round-up thing as well and usually add and extra dollar or two.  If the weather is bad, we throw in an extra dollar on top of that. 

As a co-worker of Mr. Thipu put it, 'Don't be cheap for a dollar'. 


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