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How much would you order?

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We've done a sandwich spread before and it was really well received.

Several kinds of rolls and unusual bread. Small rolls etc. worked great so folks could have one or two

We bought Boars Head brand Deli meats. Ham, Turkey, a couple spicy ones.  also some chicken salad and seafood salad.

Toppings included sliced olives, onions, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, cranberry relish, heat and eat bacon, mayo etc.  We put them out in some small nice bowls with spoons.

To go with, homemade broccoli salad, potato salad and fruit salad.

All of this will be much cheaper, tastier and still easy than buting subway.  Use nice paper plates and no clean up.

rose red:
I like subway, but I agree it may not be good the next day.  If you can't pick it up on the actually day of the party, the suggestion of making your own is good.  Or you can make a simple pasta dish served with rolls and salad.


I like subway, and often have lunch there.

But I agree day old subway subs would be pretty nasty - damp, soggy bread that's stale at the edges, and limp vegetables, cheese that's going slightly mushy.

I think you can phone in the order, and then you could pick it up between the baptism and lunch. I'd avoid the saucy subs (meatball, etc) ones that are intended to be eaten hot (steak and cheese) and tuna. Stick with the cold meat variations.

I'd go for a 12 inch sub per person if you have reasonable sides - chips, veggies and dip, some dessert, etc. Get a couple extra if you've got heavy eaters.

An option that would work better to pick up the next day would be to stop at Costco the evening before and get rolls, veggie, sliced meat and cheese trays, some squares or cookies, dip and a bag or two of chips. Provide butter and mustard, and maybe a jar of sliced pickles, and you've got a much fresher meal.

If you want subway, why not get everyone's order ahead of time and then send dh out to get them while you set up the rest of the meal?

Or order takeout from Olive Garden, Applebees or similar restaurant and have dh pick it up while you get everyone settled and last minute lunch details done?

Or get sandwich trays from the grocery store.

Please don't serve day old sandwiches.  They will look awful and not taste very good.

A baptism is a very special occasion.  Unless your family is uber casual, I would find subway to be unfitting to the occasion. You can get Subway any old day.  Fresh cold cuts, buns, pickles, salads etc would be more appropriate. 


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