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Author Topic: Texting Rudeness?  (Read 16639 times)

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Re: Texting Rudeness?
« Reply #30 on: April 25, 2013, 12:23:09 PM »
??? Moray -
If you will go to my (unedited) post #15 you will see that I said:

There are times when it’s ok to text and other times when a conversation is necessary.  Texting should be a supplement, not a substitution for a real conversation.
I also see nothing wrong with agreeing (with another member) that texting is a great tool for people with hearing and speech limitations.

I've gotten into enough trouble in this thread, and I really don't want to irritate the mod or other members, so even if some people want to continue to try to argue and take offense at (whatever), I have no more to say here.

Peace, out.   :)

Yes. And many of us are saying that your attitude is still wicked judgemental, and that the obvious judgement is irritating. We are telling you that (even without any physical limitations) we see it as a valuable medium in its own right. Not just a supplement. You seem to find that inconceivable.

Just answer me one thing: Where did you the idea of "I wouldn’t dream of telling them “I HATE TO TALK ON THE PHONE  SEND ME A TEXT MESSAGE.” as something that needed to be said to us? I am legitimately confused as to how you got that sentiment from anything any of the posters in this thread have said. Your bolded explanation does not explain that in the slightest.

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