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Black Delphinium:
What about, instead of a "wearable", you added a customized, BPA free water bottle?

i would mention that you and dh are hosting/paying for the events on your itinerary.  Definitely include RSVP information so you know who will be coming and not to wait around for stragglers.

I would do a separate note on the beach dinner since that is the main thing.  Mention the photographer==a pp had a nice wording.

I agree with consumables/water bottle for the bags.

I think your plans sound lovely!

I would include a small bottle of something, maybe with aloe to help with sunburn and maybe something for an upset stomach.  I also have a small bottle of alcohol handwash that I carry with me for emergencies and that might be nice for people to have.

Is the resort in an area where mosquitoes will be a problem? I have gone to some places only to find there are tons of bugs and I have no spray! If you think it'll be an issue, include bug spray in the baskets.


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