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Hostess hired a chef and then asked the guests to tip the chef.

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This occurred last night. Wonderful dinner party and great food. The hostess hired a chef. The chef also provided the dinning service. The hostess has been a friend of my DH for 30 years and a nice successful intelligent women. At the end of the service I was talking to a gentleman and suddenly noticed everyone pulling out their wallets. The hostess asked for everyone to tip the chef. Thankfully, everyone had cash.

This is bizarre. I have never been to a dinner party, catered or not, and asked to provide a tip. Is this a new trend?

Wow. That's pretty bad. I can't imagine anyone thinking that was normal.

On the upside I'm betting that's the best tip the chef ever got, an entire dinner party each giving their own tip rather than just the person who hired him. He must've made off like a bandit.

I've never heard of anything like that. 

Guests may  be asked to applaud and toast the chef. Guests should not be pumped to provide part of the chef's remuneration.  That is something that should be done by the host. 

Horribly rude. I would be upset with the hostess, especially since I don't carry cash and would have been embarrassed to not have any cash to contribute.

gramma dishes:
As a 'guest' that would have made me very uncomfortable.  When you are invited to a hosted dinner party you don't expect to be handed a bill as though your were a restaurant patron. 

Like Cake Beret, I rarely carry cash to parties anyway.  So I'd have been totally embarrassed as well as being more than just a little chagrined at being asked to pay something toward my own dinner in the first place.


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