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Hostess hired a chef and then asked the guests to tip the chef.

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--- Quote from: Redsoil on April 21, 2013, 07:05:33 AM ---Crass.  Very.

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POD. She wanted to hire a chef and invite her friends over, as guests, for the dinner party. The catering and the costs thereof were her responsibility, not yours.

I could even understand it more if she hadn't requested it, but if you all, as guests, had decided that the chef was so fantastic that you wanted to show some monetary appreciation for such a good meal aside from what your friend was already paying her. But the hostess actually asking you all to take care of the tip? So very crass.

gramma dishes:
The sad thing is that perhaps the chef had been hoping (read that 'counting on') the guests all thinking that she was such a fantastic chef that they would hire her in the future for their own dinner parties or otherwise get some sort of advertising value from this dinner party.

Instead, even though the chef did a magnificent job of preparing and serving a delicious meal, the guests in attendance all had to leave with a bad taste in their mouths.  :-\


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