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Author Topic: Dealing with an Ex etiquette-wise?  (Read 9390 times)

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Re: Dealing with an Ex etiquette-wise?
« Reply #30 on: May 10, 2013, 07:17:42 PM »
I just feel so bad for daughter. Her dad seems to take no interest in raising her.  She has her learners permit and won't even help teach her to drive because "he's uncomfortable".   I hope he knows she will remember all that he doesn't do for her.

I don't often talk about it but my dad was a rubbish dad. My mum's attitude was always to stay the heck out of it, no comments, no judgements, just hugs if I needed them even when I didn't know I did. In this situation she would have said nothing, and just quietly arranged transport for me when I said dad wouldn't take me. Although honestly, as soon as I was old enough I just refused to go to dad's house. Kids can spot a poor parent, especially when they have an awesome one to compare them to. To me, that's your job - to be the awesome mum you are so that she knows she doesn't deserve a bad dad, and be in the background providing support while she works out for herself that he's not worth her time.
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